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Sonja Grey, a narcotics detective, and her nemesis, Max Trent, are
handpicked to go undercover to capture a thug—Johnny Stone, aka
Rock—who’s dealing drugs at Sonja’s church. Their operation is
unwittingly aided by the interference of Sonja’s eccentric aunties.

Max is in love with Sonja, but she’s kept him at a distance by
staying entrenched behind a wall of antagonism. For Max, this
assignment has two objectives: get their villain and capture Sonja’s

The drug dealer, Rock, is a product of choices made by others when
he was a child. He’s emotionally damaged and holds a deep-rooted
anger at God. He lives a dark, violent life. Could prison be his path
to freedom?

Will Sonja break free of the shackles of her past and embrace Max’s
love, or will they be destroyed by danger?
Praise for Prison
“Prison is filled with intrigue and charm—a great mixture of suspense, playfulness and romance!”
                                                                                              –Lynn Zuk-Lloyd
                                                                                                Author of Miracle on Swordfish Dock
Toni V. Lee
Spreading Truth Through Fiction
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